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Bold solutions for high seas marine conservation
The Center for Ocean Solutions Welcomes Visiting Fellow Dr. Whit Saumweber
Future of antarctic marine protected areas at risk
Pacific Island leaders’ call for action to save coral reefs answered by scientific experts
Two thirds of the high seas are depleted or overfished, with impacts on climate change and marine pollution compunding the problem.
Dr. Whit Saumweber joins the COS team as a visiting fellow and brings expertise in both science and politics.
Efforts to adopt effective marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean, a global commons containing the world’s most pristine marine ecosystems, are being thwarted by political infighting and fishing interests.
Pacific Island leaders have sent a clear message to the international community: coral reefs are rapidly declining, and humanity must act now to protect what remains in order to perpetuate the numerous benefits to the people and cultures who depend on them.

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